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Leah McKenzie-Brown has been providing legal advice to her clients for over a decade.  Having had a diverse practice as both a solicitor and as a litigator, she understands how one area of the law informs another. Diversity in her practice has been a natural fit for Leah. She enjoys applying legal principles to disparate fact patterns, working with clients to identify unique resolutions to problems and brings a creative approach to the practice of law.  In choosing to run her own practice, it was an important consideration for Leah that sufficient time be available to the firm’s clients.

Stratum Law Corporation

Strata Law, Tenancy Law and Civil Litigation

Leah now chooses to focus her practice on strata property law, tenancy law and civil litigation. This allows her to combine her strengths in both the preparation side of the law, solicitor work, as well as advocacy.  Strata property law naturally combines many different legal concepts, permitting Leah to continue to explore unique problems and to have a diverse, yet directed, practice.

Leah truly enjoys what she does and finds resolving difficult issues to be the most satisfying part of her job.  She believes in hard work and feels that each step in a client’s file is an important part of the overall strategy or project.

In her down time, Leah has embraced the Island lifestyle and can be found hiking with her Alaskan Malamute,  training in Muay Thai and jiu-jitsu, or improving her bee-friendly garden.

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Stratum Law Corporation

A Client-Centred Approach

At Stratum Law Corporation, we know that it can be difficult for owners to navigate the complexities of strata law. We are passionate about helping our clients, whether individual owners or strata corporations, through the conflict resolution process.  Where possible, we aim to find solutions that are satisfactory for the parties involved. However, where appropriate, litigation is an essential tool to solve problems.

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We Are On Your Side

We aim to be frank in our advice and to assess the realities of the situation with our clients.  Whether you are in need of advice on a discreet issue or strategic and ongoing assistance, we are here for you.