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Litigation Services

Stratum Law Corporation

Mitigating Damages

Unfortunately, litigation may be a necessary step for your business or in your personal life.  When agreements are broken the results can be catastrophic.

We assist with general civil litigation including residential real estate contract disputes, breached contracts and debt collection, among others.

Here are some common scenarios:

Payment Issues

My customer has not paid a significant invoice.

Safety Problems

I bought a piece of equipment for my business but it isn’t safe to use or cannot be used for its intended purpose.

Negligence Allegations

I completed work for a customer but they are saying that the work was not done properly.

Buyer Backed Out of Agreement

I had an agreement with a purchaser for my home and the subjects have been lifted. It looks like the other side will refuse to complete the agreement.

In situations like these, it’s essential to get timely advice and to mitigate the damage. An expert report is often important for recovery.  Stratum Law Corporation can advocate for you or provide you with information to assist you with your claim of defense. For more information, contact us.

How We Can Help

If you have significant unpaid invoices or loans, have received notice of a pending lawsuit against you or need advice on an apparent breach of contract, we may be able to assist.